Winner of the First Place 2019 Cummins Design Applied Technology Award at Formula SAE Lincoln Electric

REV5 Accumulator.jpg

Our Accumulator has a 8P72S configuration and all 576 cells are connected via a flexible PCB. Together with CelLink, we have designed an award-winning flexible PCB battery pack management solution. This innovative design integrates cell connection, pack monitoring, and fusing into one elegant package. Through extensive simulation and testing, the thickness of each trace was optimized to minimize pack resistance while still providing fusing for each individual cell.

REV5 Accumulator 2.jpg
REV5 Accumulator 3.jpg

Integrated thermistors and a network of copper traces running to our substack management PCB’s offered voltage and thermal monitoring at the single-cell level, while the flexible and low-profile nature of the flexible PCB easily accommodated the complex packaging requirements needed for our accumulator. For these designs, we were awarded the Cummins Design Innovation Award at FSAE Lincoln 2019.