REV4: 2017-2018

REV4 took 11th place overall at Formula North Electric and at Formula SAE Lincoln Electric


Motor and drivetrain

Type 4 motor, all wheel drive
Make Parker GVK 142
Max Power 14 kW at 17000 RPM Front
26 kW at 17000 RPM Rear
Max Torque 18 Nm Front
32 Nm Rear
Max RPM 9000 RPM at 76% field weakening
Gearbox 3:1 planetary reduction to 1.65:1 chain drive
Differential Drexler clutch-type limited-slip differential


Energy Accumulator

Configuration 72S 8P
Cell Chemistry LiCoO2, Pouch format
Capacity 6 kWh
Burst Current 400A
Charge Time 1 hour


Dimensions and weight

Length 2895 mm
Width 1360 mm
Height 1180 mm
Wheelbase 1530 mm
Front Track 1156 mm
Rear Track 1143 mm
Curb Weight 190 kg
Weight Distribution 47% front

Wheels and Tires

Front Tires 18.0"x 7.5"-10" R25B Hoosier
Rear Tires 18.0"x 7.5"-10" R25B Hoosier

Braking System

Front Calipers Brembo P32G, 34mm dual piston, outboard
Rear Caliperss AP Racing CP4226-2S0, 25mm dual piston, outboard


Efficiency 2.47
Cl -3.34
Cd 1.35



Max Speed 165 kph
Power/Weight Ratio .48 kW/kg
0-100 kph 2.5 s
Lateral Acceleration 2.0 G
Range 24 km