REV2 at Lincoln 2016

With our friends at eForce Prague at the end of Lincoln 2016.

With our friends at eForce Prague at the end of Lincoln 2016.

After a year of design, manufacturing, and assembly, REV2 made its debut at FSAE Electric 2016 in Lincoln, Nebraska this June. Our endless hours of hard work finally paid off; REV2 took second place overall at Lincoln, winning first place in 4 of 8 events.

Despite last minute technical difficulties, REV2 claimed a spot on the leaderboard across the dynamic events. Most notably, REV2 set a FSAE record, with the fastest ever recorded 75m acceleration time in the United States at 3.807s, winning us the Acceleration event and officially making REV2 the fastest FSAE racecar in the country. Setting the bar high after our first event, REV2 took second and third place in Skidpad and Autocross, respectively.

Unfortunately, REV2 was not able to cross the Endurance finish line. A minor mechanical failure kept the car from racing following the driver change after the first 7 laps. Only eForce Prague was able to complete the grueling Endurance course.

The team swept the competition during this year’s static events. For the first time ever, FSAE held Design Finals for electric vehicles, and we were honored to be finalists alongside eForce Prague, MIT, McGill, and Poly Montreal. After two rounds of exhaustive question and answer with the design judges, REV2 took first place in Design. With the new Management Team taking the lead, REV2 also won the Sales Presentation and the Cost Report events.

As always, attending FSAE Lincoln has been a humbling experience. To race and learn alongside like-minded students from across the globe is the most rewarding part of our work. Thank you to all the FSAE teams who selflessly helped us in times of crisis and reminded us that despite being competitors, we are all working together towards a sustainable future for transportation. We learned quite a bit from our peers at Lincoln, and we’re excited to reflect these new ideas in REV3’s ambitious design.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the generosity and unwavering faith of our sponsors. Thank you to the staff and administrators at Penn Engineering for your trust and support even in the toughest of times.

Competition may be over, but our year is just getting started. See you next year, Lincoln.